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Love Left Behind audiobook

LLBaudiobookWant to experience Emma and Jackson’s story again but don’t feel like flipping through the pages? Or want to recommend the book to someone who prefers to listen to angst rather than read it? Love Left Behind is now available on audiobook!

Available through Amazon/Audible here and iTunes here. If you prefer an actual CD, it’ll be available April 2nd. Happy listening!

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Update: My next adult contemporary romance

I’ve thought a lot about whether to write a sequel to Love Left Behind and/or Fated. It was a hard decision but I’ve finally decided that although I love the characters in each of these books, I won’t be continuing their stories. I was on the fence about it for a while but I believe that’s the best decision.

I wrote each book with the intention of it being a stand-alone novel, and while I could easily stretch out their stories, I believe everything that needed to be told was already done so in those books. I don’t want to do them a disservice (because of course in my mind they’re not fictional ;) ) and I especially don’t want to do my readers a disservice by writing a book that my heart isn’t wholly into 100%. I’ve always loved books that had an ending that gave a feeling that the characters were off living their lives beyond the confines of the pages, and this is how I feel I left Emma/Jackson and Lauren/Caden in their stories.

Of course I hate disappointing my readers and I know some of you really really really wanted a sequel, but I promise the main reason I’m not writing one is because I want to give you the best reading experience possible, and I believe not writing a sequel is the best decision.

The good news is that I’ve started a new contemporary romance novel that I hope you’ll love just as much. It’s in its infancy stages and I’ll update when I have a better idea of when it’ll be released.

Thanks to everyone for their patience while I waffled on my decision. Hope everyone is doing well!

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Last Day! Love Left Behind $1.99

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Today will be the last day Love Left Behind will be $1.99!

Available on Amazon here and Barnes & Noble here

Happy New Year!

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Love Left Behind only $1.99

Santa said I should make Love Left Behind $1.99 for the holidays, and who am I to refuse Santa? For a limited time only! Happy Holidays!

Available on Amazon here and Barnes & Noble here.


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Fated available on iTunes (plus a little rambling)

Fated is finally available on iTunes! Yay! You can find it here.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s already read Fated! Your comments have been awesome, and it’s always so gratifying to hear feedback since it can be a little nerve-wracking sending your creation out into the world. As to whether there will be a sequel, I’m still in the midst of finishing the third installment of the Shadow Series, so I’m going to table any decisions about that (as well as whether there will be a sequel to Love Left Behind) until I’m done. Caitlin and Simon are getting pretty impatient and want me to hurry up and finish their story already! :)

Happy reading!

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Saturday afternoon random ramblings

- Is anyone in Hurricane Sandy’s path? I’m not sure how concerned I should be. Should I be out at the grocery store stocking up on milk and bread? Although vodka and potato chips would probably better serve my purposes. All joking aside (although I never joke about vodka and potato chips), I hope everyone in its projected path keeps safe!

- I know I’ve been a bit wishy-washy about whether there will be a sequel to Love Left Behind. I’m currently trying to finish two projects – an adult contemporary novel and the third installment of the Shadow series – so I don’t want to make a commitment that I can’t keep. That being said, after I’m done with those two projects, which will hopefully be in a couple of months, I’ll give some real serious consideration as to whether I’m going to continue Emma and Jackson’s story. I had truly intended for their story to end with Love Left Behind and they might get a little grumpy if I start bothering them again.

- I just came back from New Orleans and discovered something about myself: I have no self control when it comes it beignets. I could be full to the point of sickness, but if you plop a few pieces of fried dough with powdered sugar on top in front of me, it’ll be gone within seconds. That’s why I’m grateful for elastic waistbands today (sad, right? but it was worth it!).

- I went to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn last Saturday and had some of the best brisket I’ve ever eaten from Mighty Quinn’s. There’s really no more to this rambling than this. Meat = Good

And the most important ramble:
- It would be an understatement to say that seeing Love Left Behind on the NYT & USA Today bestseller lists has been surreal. It’s because of you guys, my readers! Not only have I been humbled by your response, but you guys have essentially become a vital part of my marketing team. The power of word-of-mouth has never been so far-reaching as it is today since we’re so connected by social media. Honestly, I can’t put into words how much it’s meant to me, and even if I never sell a single book again, I couldn’t ask for more from you guys! Well, except if one of you could invent a fat-free, calorie-free donut. Then I really couldn’t ask for anything more. :)

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Jackson Reynard: An Anti-Hero?

“When a man is in despair, it means that he still believes in something.” - Dmitri Shostakovich, Testimony

Warning: Spoilers below if you haven’t read Love Left Behind.

It’s been fascinating to see all the different responses to Jackson Reynard. They run the spectrum – from swoonworthy to certifiable, and it made me want to do a little character study on him. Everyone comes to the table with their own experiences, beliefs and background that color their view of a character, and this is how I see Jackson with my filters.

Jackson in the first part of the book is pretty much a woman’s ideal. I mean, who doesn’t want a hot, sexy guy to have eyes for you, and you only? Jackson’s led a pretty normal life up to this point – he comes from a loving family, he’s dated and had a few relationships (although nothing too serious), and has a good group of friends (well, with one notable exception, if you know what I mean!). He has a healthy sense of self and will undoubtedly be a good boyfriend/husband/mate for the right woman. So when the right woman comes along, i.e. Emma, he dives right in with no inhibitions. Jackson isn’t afraid to admit what he wants because he doesn’t know how to function any other way. When he’s in, he’s in all the way.

Now, this is where things get a little screwy! Jackson five years later is the Jackson of the past, but with a layer of anger, bitterness and betrayal that he’s never been able to swallow. Just as fiercely as he loves, he feels pain and anger. His motivation is no longer building a life with the person he loves; it’s trying to forget the person who betrayed him, knowing all the while that for him, that may be next to impossible.

Jackson has always been assertive, but now that assertiveness has been paired with pain, which morphs into something much more troubling. Jackson feels he’s been robbed of the life he was supposed to have and doesn’t know how to let go of the “what could have beens” and the “if onlys.” He can’t get past losing Emma, so he copes in the only way he knows how to allow him to continue his superficial life; he recreates a world where he can pretend that all hope isn’t lost. That he’s just holding her place for her; that Emma will return to him someday and they can continue their life together. His apartment represents the life he was supposed to have, the life he’s enraged to have lost.

But he’s not thinking of trying to win back Emma and start anew at this point. He’s holding on to what they used to be together because he can’t think in terms of the future. He believes that any real future doesn’t include Emma. I mean, if he really wanted to win her back, he could look her up and rip her away from Sean (since he believes they’re together). But he thinks that’s impossible, so he creates a fictional world where the impossible can still happen. But there’s always a seed of hope inside Jackson, that maybe the impossible doesn’t have to mean never.

So when Jackson finally meets up with Emma again, he can’t keep away from her even though he’s pissed. Not only is he angry about her betrayal, but he’s angry because the present day Emma makes him face the fact that the Emma of the past isn’t going to magically appear and love him again. Rationally, he knows that was never going to happen, but in his desolation the only thing he can hold onto is an irrational belief that makes it a little easier to breathe. He acts out in ways with Emma that are at times inexcusable and would make most people run for the hills. Except for Emma, because she’s been struggling as well, and to her the inexcusable is forgivable because she believes that Jackson is worth saving.

Last Thoughts:
If you got to this point, thanks for wading through my long-winded ramblings! Everyone has their own opinion of Jackson, and personally I love him (I would hope so since he was my creation!). Would I want Jackson Reynard barging through my door in real life? Probably not. At least not without some therapy! (Plus I think my husband might have something to say on the matter). But a fictional Jackson Reynard is right up my alley: devoted, possessive, hot and a little unhinged when it comes to the person he loves. I think the best thing about Jackson is he does everything fiercely. He loves fiercely, he feels pain fiercely, he fights fiercely, and he embraces redemption fiercely.

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Words can’t express how much your response to Love Left Behind has meant to me. I’m in awe of how connected we are in this technological age (this is coming from someone who’s a self-described curmudgeon when it comes to social media) and hearing your response has been amazing. To everyone who read the book, whether you loved it, hated it, or fell somewhere in between, all I can say is Thank you! I can’t ask for much more than you taking time out of your busy lives to read my book.

A special thank you to Maryse whose review really helped to get my book noticed (and Lane for recommending the book to her in the first place!).

Another special thank you to all my readers who helped spread the word – your help was invaluable!

Thank you to all my readers. Y’all are the bee’s knees!

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Love Left Behind on Amazon UK

Some UK readers have let me know that they’ve had problems finding Love Left Behind on the Amazon UK site. I’ve reported the problem to Amazon but in the meantime, here is a direct link to the book on their site:

Thanks for everyone who let me know about the issue. Hope you enjoy the book!

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Love Left Behind…to be continued?

Warning: a tiny bit spoilerish if you haven’t read Love Left Behind yet

I want to thank everyone for their amazing response to Love Left Behind! I’ve been getting inquiries about whether there will be a second book continuing Emma and Jackson’s story. I hadn’t initially planned on it, although I do have an idea of where their story would go. At the same time, Emma and Jackson have been through plenty of angst and I just want them to be happy! And a second book will undoubtedly mean more conflict, i.e. more angst!

Also, I don’t want to write a second book just for the sake of writing a second book and stretch out their story unnecessarily – I think readers deserve more than that. So I won’t continue their story unless I truly think that the second book will be a meaningful addition. That being said, Emma and Jackson pop into my head frequently as my mind weaves scenes of their possible future (much to the chagrin of the characters in the book I’m currently writing. they get pretty peeved when they get pushed aside for a daydream about Emma and Jackson). So who knows! I’ll be sure to update you if anything changes.

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